Aiu online bus 105 unit 2 discussion board

Discuss with your class members your views on some of the benchmarks to measure the success of an arts program. You and your classmates are members of a consulting group that has been asked by the principal of a fine arts private academy to do a research project.

Aiu online bus 105 unit 2 discussion board

These documents have been prepared so that equipment manufactured for use in or with telephone systems in North America will be compatible with other equipment, existing or future, and so that such variables as frequencies, bit rates, voltage levels and impedances can be selected with reasonable assurance that, when system parts are joined, they will operate together as expected.

In the present application, familiarity with these documents is assumed and the following are specifically incorporated by reference: In general terms, the system of the present invention provides connectivity from the customer or subscriber premises to the central office CO switch.

To put the system in context, FIG. In accordance with the present invention, interfaces supported by the architecture include: The present system comprises equipment located in three shelf types: The CHS 28 houses a variety of channel unit CU modules, each of which supports a certain type of subscriber service.

It provides a time slot interchange capability to convert line terminations to the appropriate feeder STS-1 time slot. This shelf can support existing channel units for the Series 5 DLC system, except the Digital Connectivity Unitas well as new channel units.

In the embodiment shown, the service offered by this high density card is restricted to POTS in order to achieve lowest possible cost for this pervasive service.

It is understood that not all of these feeder options would usually perhaps ever be employed in a single system. Block 31 represents any of a variety of different kinds of links, i. The most common loop interfaces for currently deployed central office switches are analog copper twisted pair cables T1 interfaces 36 or 37 from the switch can be transported over transmission facilities and interface with the RDT using the T1 feeder interface.

As background information, the PSC-5 is a system of small size, basically two co-located modules of 96 channels sharing some common equipment, the size being controlled by the historical availability and use, as in a PSC, of groups of 4 DS1 trunk feeders. The-availability of SONET and cheaper fiber optics as a transport mechanism, as well as the perceived need for larger bandwidth and flexibility to support future digital services, has permitted the definition by Bellcore in TR-TSY of a 28 DS1 group as the basic interface building block to support a remote digital terminal and its group of channels.

Multiple shelves in the system of the present invention provide the ability to configure small systems and to provide smooth growth without incurring unreasonable cost penalties at any growth increment. The preferred growth increment is 96 channels for various reasons including the fact that it is one carried by integral numbers of DS1s 4.

In order not to burden this repeated increment of channel growth with common equipment whose function can be shared, the common functions are all put in a separate common equipment shelf. As will be seen below, the common functions are much increased from the PSC-5, and are not reasonably accommodated with a limited group of channel units.

As the common functions now need to support a larger number of channels, the functions are supplied in a redundant manner to prevent any failure from causing significant loss of channel service.

The architecture required is fairly straight-forward when fed only with DS1s, but when optical feeders are introduced the problems and opportunities expand dramatically.

The DS1 is embedded with individual overhead into a virtual tributary VT. As stated previously, a virtual tributary is a CONET term referring to a portion of the total amount of data carried by an optical channel, or to a portion of the total data capacity of the optical channel.

Aiu online bus 105 unit 2 discussion board

VTs of various sizes are designated by a number following the initials, e. The system of the present invention is modeled in an object-oriented manner to allow use of ASN.

Furthermore, the present system supports the existing PSC-5 compatible relay alarm interfaces with relay contact closures, external contact sensing, alarm cutoff, and optionally the telemetry byte-oriented serial TBOS interface.

Thus, the system of the present invention supports many stages of signaling evolution. It also makes use of clear channels easier. TR-TSY requires time slot interchange and assignment. This is required for all channels across a 28 DS1 group channels.

This channel group can service seven line shelves of channels without concentration. The present system allows interchange and assignment to any of the available This allows grooming from any channel into any of the 28 feeder DS1s. Grooming is defined as reorganizing subscriber traffic in different data paths.

Test systems are evolving also, and the system of the present invention accommodates the evolving test environment. It is compatible with existing test systems and with use of the current loop and channel test facilities.6 per board (max. 2 boards) 26/30AH.

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Aiu online bus 105 unit 2 discussion board

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