An analysis of one of the most treasured resources is family and a home

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An analysis of one of the most treasured resources is family and a home

Thanks to everyone who attended Vision Summit 2! Planning for Sherwood Like all cities in Oregon, we must plan for current and future generations. We know that communities that plan for growth have the best chance of managing their destiny in a way that retains the qualities that brought us here in the first place: Given the dramatic growth, it is clear the Comprehensive Plan no longer represents the vision and values of Sherwood residents and businesses.

An analysis of one of the most treasured resources is family and a home

Over the next three years, our goal is to explore, balance and prioritize community issues for Sherwood that allow our community to determine how we grow and continue to provide quality places to live, work and play over the next twenty years. The first step in this process is to engage the Sherwood community in creating a vision for the future that will serve as the basis for updating the Comprehensive Plan.

This process began in spring and will lead into the next phase of the Comprehensive Plan update at the end of the year. The goal for this process is to recognize and communicate the foundational elements that make Sherwood unique.

Developing a shared understanding of Sherwood today is necessary to address key issues for the future. Housing Part of keeping Sherwood affordable for families, teachers and people who keep the community safe includes making sure residents have a reasonable supply of housing to choose from.

Providing a housing supply that improves and diversifies the choices available for residents of different ages, sizes, and incomes ensures that generations of families can continue to live here.

Trails and Recreation For over a century, Sherwood has been uniquely shaped by its relationship to the landscape and creeks. As Sherwood evolves, it is prudent to continue to cultivate the quality of life that this relationship brings to the community.

Growth Management Most cities grow, but planned cities grow better. We know that if past trends continue, several thousand people will move to the Sherwood area over the next 20 years, part of larger regional growth.

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Managing growth ensures that development is practical and balances burdens and benefits to the community. Community Design Influenced by landform, Sherwood reveals a pattern of walkable, quarter-mile radius neighborhoods circling the historic downtown. These neighborhoods promote health through easy pedestrian and bike access to schools, shopping and nearby recreational activities.

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A Walk Through The Hayfield. Like farmhouse style, but want a luxury plan? This one will satisfy on both counts - promising to become a treasured family home for many years. It is just black and gold. All it has on it is the name of the community, the word “POLICE” and a gold star embroidered at the bottom.

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