Animal farm essay the conclusion

They try to build an equal society after overthrowing, their human farmer, Mr.

Animal farm essay the conclusion

Orwell employs a variety of allegorical devices in his novel Animal Farm including anthropomorphism and irony to produce an allegory that voices his concerns over the outcome of the Russian revolution, and more broadly the dangers of unchecked power.

Anthropomorphism is used in Animal Farm to express the characteristics of the people and organisations involved in the Russian Revolution. Orwell uses anthropomorphism as an efficient way to express the nature of the targets of his critique in the time Animal Farm was written.

Through using anthropomorphism Orwell could express his concerns on the outcome of the Russian revolution to the public without having to pass through a filter. Orwell has chosen as characters animals that exhibit similar traits to the people or organisations they are meant to represent.

An example of this approach is Boxer, a strong, loyal horse intended to depict the Russian proletariat. Orwell believed the proletariat or working class of Russia were industrious and noble, yet uneducated. Boxer is immediately understood by the reader as strong and diligent simply by the traits of the animal itself.

This maxim is given as an example of propaganda, which the pigs create in order to gain influence and power over the other animals.


Orwell shares the blame for the outcome of the revolution between the pigs- who supplied the propaganda, and the sheep- the masses. The anthropomorphic pigs epitomise the greed within the Communist Party and those who gained the benefits of power in the Russian Revolution.

Orwell has used this allegorical convention to display the true nature of those who held power after the revolution. Lily Gordon 9EN5 An example of this technique is the moment when Squealer uses propaganda to manipulate the animals to believe that Snowball has malevolent intentions. The readers can comprehend that the animals are being deceived, but are unable to help.

This irony encourages readers to both sympathise with the animals, and ask themselves vital questions. Throughout the novel there is an atmosphere of both irony and melancholy, as you see the deception of the pigs through the smoke screen the animals are oblivious to.

The seven commandments in Animal Farm are painted on the barn wall to maintain order in the farm, and to stress the basic principles of Animalism. Through the misleading alteration of the commandments, Orwell uses irony to demonstrate how the pigs influenced the foundations of an equal society which become the foundations of a totalitarian dictatorship.

Animal farm essay the conclusion

This contributes towards the horror of the situation; by the straightforward recounting of death and violence, the audience experiences the terror in full knowledge of what is occurring.

This simple retelling of animalistic violence shocks the readers more than if the violence had been told with a more complex narrative voice.

Although Orwell relied on allegorical devices to obscure his critique of the Russian revolution, his argument is strengthened with this approach. The use of animals to represent the characteristics of those involved in the Russian Revolution is efficient and effective.

His warning of the risks of uncontrolled power is easily understood through the actions and events in his Animal Farm.Animal Farm by George Orwell shows that oppression is at the heart of so much sorrow in life, and that the abuse of power is at the heart of oppression.

Napoleons violence and Squealers mind-control are the two forms of power and abuse that keep the poor animals oppressed. We will write a custom essay sample on Animal Farm Analysis Essay. Animal Farm Essay Animal Farm by George Orwell is a compelling book that represents the Russian revolution.

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Animal farm essay the conclusion

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Conclusion animal farm essay

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This is the case in George Orwell’s satire ‘Animal Farm’, where by the pigs; the smartest animals on the farm decide to take control. At the start all animals are meant be treated equally and share work. (Results Page 2) View and download animal farm essays examples.

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