Ballistic pendulum lab report

It seems a mysterious and even a magical force. That means, magnetism and electricity are so closely related to each other. The concept of this can be applied in many technologies for an effective productivity. Harmonic Motion and Waves Virtual Lab Harmonic Motion and Wave lab is the interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of sound, ultrasound and infrasound all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids.

Ballistic pendulum lab report

The spring propels a piston, which is drawn back by manual force and is internally locked in a rearward position by a gear.

Air resistance will also come into play in our experiment. The air is no exception. When something moves through the air, it bumps into the atoms and molecules…Even though atoms and molecules are very tiny and very light, each collision causes a force on the moving object…The force from each individual collision is therefore very tiny.

Because the pellet is moving through a distance of air, it will be affected by air resistance.

Ballistic pendulum lab report

We must take this into account when analyzing the results. In our experiment we will also be using a ballistic pendulum. The projectile of mass m is fired into a large block of wood or other material of mass M, which is suspended like a pendulum.

Usually, M is somewhat greater than m. Based on this information, we will be able to find the velocity by measuring the height of our pendulum after the collision.

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Back to the top We believe that the velocity of the pellet right before collision will exponentially decrease in relation to the distance the pellet travels.

We believe that the angle that the pendulum will travel will be between 10 degrees and 0 degrees, decreasing as the distance the air soft gun is from the pendulum increases.

Back to the Top When designing our experiment we used multiple models for our pendulum. Initially we used a design that involved a cardboard box hanging from pieces of wood.

The box had one open end to catch the BB from the airsoft gun. In preliminary testing we found that the box was too heavy and would not move.

Next we created a pendulum with a clay weight on the end of it. This was also too heavy. Eventually we came to our final design for the pendulum, which is described below. For our experiment a pendulum and an airsoft gun is needed. For safety, goggles are needed when firing the gun.

On the bottom of the block, small wire loops are used to hold a felt tip pen. Multiple colors of pens are needed, going from light to dark.

Ballistic Pendulum Experiment: Analysis

In addition, two level surfaces are needed to hang the pendulum between. One of which has to have a flat side.

Legal-sized paper is needed as well as a ruler and a protractor. Finally, one needs a piece of yarn, tape, and a level. First, you must set up the pendulum.

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Next, measure ten distances from the pendulum, each ten centimeters apart. So, the farthest distance should be centimeters away from the pendulum. Mark each distance with tape. On the legal size paper draw a perpendicular line and attach it to the flat side of one of the supports.

Attach a ballpoint pen to the bottom of the pendulum and swing the pendulum by hand to mark its path on the paper. Use this paper as a template, and trace the markings onto ten more sheets. Measure the angle from the top of the perpendicular line to points on the path of the pendulum.

Using the protractor, mark every 5 degrees on the path. Do this on all of the sheets. Then, attach one of the sheets to the flat side of the support.

Put a light-colored felt tip pen in the wire loops. Get the piece of yarn, lift up the piece of tape at the first distance marked, and tape down one end of the yarn.With a ballistic pendulum, one is able to measure velocity of the projectile before the collision by using the concept of conservation of energy.

Two formulas are needed. The first being Ek=1/2*M*V^2, which is the formula for kinetic energy.

Ballistic pendulum lab report

COLLEGE PHYSICS LABORATORY EXPERIMENT BALLISTIC PENDULUM THEORY The muzzle velocity v0 of a projectile launcher is determined by launching a ball of mass m into a pendulum of mass M and observing the angle θ to which the pendulum swings.

The process can be divided into two parts. Part I involves the collision of the ball. Lab Partner(s) E X P E R Projectile Motion: I M E N T 9 The Ballistic Pendulum Laboratory Report A. Conservation of Energy & Momentum (Ballistic Pendulum). In this lab, you will study the properties of completely inelastic collision between a ball and a.

Details of Ballistic Pendulum Lab Report. It is likely by altering the bulk of this stair to correct angle. First, to find out the initial velocity of the projectile having a pendulum.

To figure out the speed of the projectile working together with a pendulum. Purpose To utilize two different methods of determining the initial velocity of a fired ball, namely a ballistic pendulum and treating the ball as a projectile, and then compare these two calculated values.

The loss of kinetic energy from firing the ball into the pendulum is also an area of interest. Hypothesis The initial velocity [ ]. Lab The Ballistic Pendulum Purpose: To use the ballistic pendulum to determine the innitial velocity of a projectile using conservation of momentum and conservation of energy.

and (4). Make careful stretches in your lab report show all of the distances involved. The distance from the ball to the paper: cm.

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