Cause of crime essay

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Cause of crime essay

What is the common motive behind these crimes? The desire for sense gratification.

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Criminologists and social scientists have almost completely overlooked the fact that materialism is the root cause of crime. False identification of the body as the self leads people to believe that sense enjoyment will satisfy them; and most crimes are directly or indirectly connected to the attempt to find satisfaction in sense enjoyment.

The media saturates us daily with the message that the goal of life is sensual pleasure, and that success in life depends on the acquisition of those objects that make such sensual pleasure possible.

From a young age, we learn that we should strive to be the controllers and enjoyers of all we survey. The criminal is just responding to this message the best way he knows how. So he needs a flashy car, fine clothes, a big house, a color TV, a gold watch, a yacht, etc.

No amount of material wealth is ever enough. So we have crooks from all income levels. The poor crooks commit crimes so that they can get what they think they need; the rich crooks commit crimes so that they can get what they think they need.

The street crook robs people so he can buy some nice clothes or drugs; the corporate crook robs companies so that he can buy 50, acres of land or a new Lear jet.

Cause of crime essay

Obviously, if poverty were the cause of crime, then no wealthy people would commit crimes. A poor American, for example, would be a wealthy Ethiopian.

In fact, criminals, whether rich or poor, are criminals not because they are poor or rich, but because they are in the illusion that material things will satisfy them.

And, of course, the reason they are in this illusion is because they erroneously identify their body as themselves. If you are materially poor, you are considered a failure in life, whereas if you are wealthy and powerful regardless of how you acquired such wealth and poweryou are considered a great success.

So obtaining material wealth is not only essential for your direct sense gratification, but also for your feelings of self-worth.

In other words, you feel only as valuable as the things that you possess and control. Lacking appreciation of your real value as an eternal, blissful spark of life—falsely identifying the temporary body as yourself—you try to achieve feelings of self-worth by the acquisition and control of material things.

To achieve such economic development, you may end up engaging in illegal activity—in other words, you may become a crook. If people understand this practical knowledge about the root cause of crime, then they can effectively deal with the criminal problems facing us today.

Only by knowing this real root cause can an effective solution be found.Mental disability is another big cause of juvenile delinquency. Mentally ill boys or girls can commit any crime without knowing the consequences of it. Statistics show that mental illnesses are one of the biggest reason behind juvenile delinquency in America and other developed countries.

Crime itself is defined as any offense harmful against society. The nature of offense nevertheless trades with the motivations and causes of offense.

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which has no one clear cut account. There are several different theories on the cause of offense such as heredity. gender and mental defects. but each one is non significant plenty to explicate offense and why it takes topographic point.

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Share; Share on Facebook; Humans tend to engage in criminal enterprises when the rate of return on investment is high and the risk of loss is low.

This calculation is made every day on the part of cybercriminals, and they have concluded it is profitable to continue committing fraud. An Essay on Crime and Punishment by Cesare Becarria Page 2 pleads the cause of humanity.

An Essay on Crime and Punishment by Cesare Becarria Page 9 AN ESSAY ON CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS. CHAPTER I. OF THE ORIGIN OF PUNISHMENTS. - Cause and Effect Essay - The Causes of America’s Social Problems The causes of social problems exist on many levels.

When we ask why social problems such as poverty, unemployment, crime, and war exist, each time we determine a cause, we can ask "why" again, as . In preventing these causes, much of the crime that exists today can be stopped before it starts.

Many factors can be involved when considering the causes of crime. Of these factors poverty, lack of education, and peer pressure are among the leading causes.

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