Chinese literature essay article review

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Chinese literature essay article review

Submissions Submissions Manuscripts should be submitted to the appropriate Editor: Michelle Yeh for modern literature and criticism, Haun Saussy for traditional poetry and literary criticism, and Rania Huntington for traditional fiction.

Books for review and related correspondence should be mailed directly to the relevant Book Review Editor William Nienhauser for works on traditional literature; Carlos Rojas for modern literature.

Chinese literature essay article review

For appropriate formats and word-processing information relevant to all submissions and reviews, see the Style Sheet information below. Electronic submissions are encouraged.

Likewise the identity of the readers will not be made known to the author. Book reviews should similarly be submitted to the Book Review Editor who solicited the review. All text and notes must be double-spaced, with only one space between sentences.

While any standard word processing program is acceptable, submissions created with the native Chinese support in Macintosh OS X or Microsoft Windows and submitted in Microsoft Word format are preferred.

Please use the SimSun font for Chinese. Provide the Chinese text for all quoted poems and prose passages. The editors retain the right to make final stylistic changes.

Authors should send three easily legible copies, one for the editor and two for the readers.

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Footnotes and references should also be double-spaced. Number all notes consecutively. Include in the text itself and in the notes any Chinese terms, names, titles, etc. The editors retain the option of deleting unnecessary graphs to conform to this principle. Style in notes, etc.

Use only one space after a period between sentences. Use one system throughout except when quoted texts utilize the other Romanization.

Do not forget macrons over long vowels in Romanized Japanese. Macrons may be substituted with a circumflex. Abbreviations, if used in text or notes, should be easy to identify and are preferable to acronyms; brief citations are generally the best solution: Honglou meng, Chapter 53 Beijing: Renmin wenxue,pp.

I-wen,Vol. The format for book review headings is as follows: Information about special features of the book such as illustrations.Empirical Literature Article Review of Leadership Ethics The opportunity to evaluate original research serves as one of the many foundations to both scholarly writing and research (Grand Canyon University, ).

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Against the background of globalization and the. Chinese Literature: essays, articles, reviews (CLEAR) Publisher Description CLEAR is edited by William H. Nienhauser, Jr. (University of Wisconsin), Haun Saussy (Yale University) and Michelle Yeh (University of California-Davis).

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Chinese literature essay article review

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