Comparing and contrasting the stories the drovers wife and the graziers wife

Lou Chambers-long term unemployed, but married to a nurse, Nancy whom he loves. Reputation as town drunk.

Comparing and contrasting the stories the drovers wife and the graziers wife

Because of the way these texts are chronologically ordered, it may be tempting to assume that Aboriginal responses to colonisation are a recent phenomenon but this is certainly not the case. Rather, these texts demonstrate contemporary black writers appropriating a traditionally Western form of storytelling to expose silences within that very tradition.

She once lived like this for eighteen months. As a girl, she built the usual air-castles, but all her girlish hopes and aspirations are dead. Available at Museums Victoria. Alligator pulls some more. He has the snake out now—a black brute, five feet long.


The head rises to dart about, but the dog has the enemy close to the neck. He is a big, heavy dog, but as quick as a terrier. He shakes the snake as though he felt the original curse in common with mankind. It was at first too subtle to grasp.

It had only been a disquieting suggestion; an air of mystery among the blacks; unexpected visits from far-off neighbors who could hardly account for their coming.

Both a long-suffering mothers who, above all, are tasked with providing for their children despite economic hardship.

Similarly,through marriage, both women have seen their youthful promise wasted, though their plight is such that they have no time to dwell on what could have been.

Comparing and contrasting the stories the drovers wife and the graziers wife

Sommers had known before she had ever thought of being Mrs. She herself indulged in no such morbid retrospection.

She had no time--no second of time to devote to the past. The needs of the present absorbed her every faculty. Sommers explores the potential for escape. The result is a more complex view into the psyche of a group of women from this time period.

While her husband and son are in town on business, Calixta is home alone when a sudden storm breaks and an unexpected visitor arrives--a former suitor named Alce.

Comparing and contrasting the stories the drovers wife and the graziers wife

Available at State Library Victoria. The Lost Track, by S. The central character, an unnamed bush woman, struggles with daily tasks associated with frontier life while also caring for a young child.Compare and Contrast - Story of an Hour and Astronomer's Wife - Compare and Contrast Story of an Hour and Astronomer's Wife It is a very difficult task for women to live a .

At the heart of this story is an unkept promise, the effects of which threaten her present day role as a wife and mother: “her married London home’s whole air of being a cracked cup from which memory, with its reassuring power, had either evaporated or leaked away.” Compare and contrast themes from other texts to this theme.

The drover's wife lives secluded in a harsh environment. She has to take care of four children, 'mere babies', on her own. Her husband has been gone for six months and she has to be strong, not just for herself but also for her children.

The Demon Lover

Henry Lawson: The Drover’s Wife The writer examines Lawson’s short story about life in the bush and what it says about the split between urban and rural society in Australia. There are three sources listed in the bibliography of this three page paper.

Henry is a kind man, if slightly dimwitted. He loves his wife but doesn’t really understand and appreciate her. Still, he is an adequate businessman who runs his ranch successfully and provides a comfortable life for his wife. He seems to love Elisa and tries his best to . The most interesting and thought-provoking aspect in the short story is the fact that the drover‟s wife‟s name is never mentioned throughout the text.

Her identity is nothing but that which is linked to another character – her husband, the drover.

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