Conservation biology study guide

Major Threats to Biodiversity and Their Interaction What are the major types of threats to biodiversity? What are the common origins of all these threats? How are these threats synergistic and how would that ultimately impact biodiversity? Provide some examples of synergistic threats.

Conservation biology study guide

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Age and sex structure effects? Sea otters and wolves as keystone species? Overexploiting a keystone species can have dramatic outcomes?

Conservation biology study guide

Exotic species- species living outside of native range i. Zebra mussels in Great Lakes? Nonindigienous species- not native to an area, exotic species? Nonnative- same as the above two? Introduced species- exotic species introduced by humans, colonize an area that is not related to use?

Invasive species- has become successfully established, causes significant economic, environmental or human problems? Introduced species may become invasive How do invasives move? Provide examples of each way. Why do invasive do well in heavily impacted human environments? Provide examples of each.

Why should we be concerned with hybridization? What makes for a successful invasive? Why is identification of these threats critical to the success of preserve siting and design?

What effect s can the imminent threat of severe degradation have on siting a reserve? What is buffering and how is this concept useful in preserve design? What are the positives and negatives associated with corridors and stepping stone preserves?Click Download or Read Online button to get an-introduction-to-conservation-biology book now.

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This site is like a library, Use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want. is the study of the interaction between economic and ecological systems. It facilitates an understanding between economists and ecologists and seeks to integrate these two disciplines into a trans-discipline aimed at developing a sustainable world.

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Conservation biology study guide

Terms and Concepts. Bio IC Final Exam Study guide: Ecology, Population Biology, Conservation biology Ecology: • Be able to give an example of the social issues surrounding conservation biology efforts (such as the Burros on islands in Mexico, Elephants in Africa,etc) • What is an endemic species?

(native with a very small range – only occurs in one place). Study Guide for the Principles of Conservation Biology. Third Edition by Groom, Carroll, and Contributors.

Chapter 1 - What is Conservation Biology? 1a. Expanding Human Demands on Earth. According to the basic rule of thumb of conservation biology, if species of grasshoppers reside in a habitat of 20, ha, about _____ species of grasshoppers should persist if that habitat is reduced to 2, ha.

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