Culture essay thai youth

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Culture essay thai youth

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Sample Essays For this assignment, I shall explore some factors that influence the development of culture, and sub-culture, reflecting on consumer products, and how they help to develop identity. In particular, my study will focus on music, media, and fashion, in relation to young people.

Cited in Wyn, J. Brake, cited in Roche,J. Marketers historically have recognised this, and therefore, use certain elements of youth culture to promote products.

The media influence on the development of youth cultures and sub-cultures is also instrumental, with young people facing a barrage of messages explaining what it means to be young.

How we consume determines who we become, our value base, and how we interact with people in the broader context of the world. Youth culture has changed over the generations, for parents of teens, the gap seems to be ever widening. Young people have faced similar challenges to each other, but each generation is unique, and experience situations that shape their attitudes and behaviours.

However, when entering into any particular culture, although influences exist, it is still usually a conscious choice. A useful way to examine influences, on young people over time, is that of Strauss and Howe in their book the fourth turning. Each generation are labelled, to offer the reader an understanding.

Generation X was born into an era of high divorce rates, and an increasing rise in the number of single parent families.

These young people entered the labour market, when jobs were scarce, and youth crime and disorder soared, the aids epidemic was rampant. At the top of the national agenda is child welfare, although negative school violence and drugs is at the forefront. Computerisation and technology is ever increasing, and equipment is predominately digital.

This era is much more multicultural than it was when their parents were growing up, and images containing sex and violence are common themes that surround them on a daily basis.

A major change with regards to counter cultural groups today, is the large number of them around. For example, in the sixties it was common to be classed as a mod or a rocker, you tended to be on or the other. Today youth can align with many other groups, because there is such diversity.

The mass media has a large role to play in encouraging the formation of sub-cultural groups, by helping young people to see and identify which role models represent what groups.

Perhaps more fundamentally, youth culture has become more accepting and accommodating of various different groupings within the community.

Culture essay thai youth

There are groups on the fringe of society who may be counter cultural in orientation, like punks, goths etc.

Media targeting of young people is all too common, with the hunt for consumer money on.

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Advertisers view teens in particular, as uniquely profitable, they buy themselves, influence parents to buy, and indeed will be future adult consumers. Consumer advertising through the media is highly influential on young people, especially when they use popularity by association: Product advertised by famous people.

Although, adolescents I work with are sometimes quite cynical to this approach, seeing it as someone who gets paid for a job, without actually believing in the product. If we look at an advertisement for the chocolate bar bounty, the light blue packaging denotes the product as food. Related visual images of a sunny desert island, gives connotations of youth, freedom, and happiness.

The music can be powerful in giving the feeling of energy, and pleasure. This example is to illustrate how powerful semiotics and the use of signs in the media can be.

Media uses semiotics in portraying fashion and beauty items, and has done over time.Youth culture developed in the early ’s, although the idea of youth as a phase in life has a longer history.

Youth culture was first developed in America after World War 2, which then Britain decided to follow due to media and other influences from America. ” Development and Importance of Youth Culture Consumption: Goy () said that Japanese youth is creating pop culture and living in it.

Japanese youth is also spreading the same culture in East and South-East Asia and that is affecting their consumption tendency as well.

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High quality and no plagiarism guarantee! Culture is the patterns of behavior and thinking that people living in social groups learn, create, and share. It refers to a society or group in which many people live and think in the same ways it also distinguishes one human group from others.

For instance youth culture. Youth culture is a very big part of a young adults life.

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Get Expert Essay Editing Help > Build Your Thesis Statement > Log in. Search Youth Culture Essay Examples. 21 total results. An Analysis of the Effects of Poetry on Youth in the Modern Era.

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