Disadvantages of apollo 11

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Disadvantages of apollo 11

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Disadvantages include cost of operation, the craft was extremely heavy, and the possibility of injury or loss Disadvantages of apollo 11 life is ever present. There were no spacecraft named Apollo 2 or 3 Sometimes one of the unmanned test missions is erroneously called Apollo 3.

This was the AS mission which tested the command and service modules in suborbital flight. This was launched on August 26th Where is the Apollo 13 spacecraft today? How did the Apollo 11 spacecraft work? Did Apollo 11 have computers on board, and if so what kind of computers were they and how big were they?

Yes, both the ship and lander had small, special purpose computers. IIRC they fitted the whole thing into a vairly small space, like an end table. The specs of the computers did not amount to much, but you need to remember that all of the real number crunching was done on mainframes on Earth, and the results radioed up to the astronauts, who input them manually through a device called the DSKY or "disky".

Maximum Speed of Apollo Spacecraft? Apollo 10 set the record for the fastest manned vehicle during the return trip from the moon on 26 May, they did not land, only rehearsed some of the descent techniques. What is an Apollo spacecraft? The Apollo space craft was three separate parts.

There were thecrews quarters and flight control, the service module, and thelunar module that took the crew to the moon and back. When was the Apollo spacecraft built? Thespacecraft and various modules went through many, many iterationsand versions.

There was not just a single design that was usedthroughout the program. What are the dimensions of the Apollo spacecraft? Saturn V rocket stack Height How many astronaunts did the Apollo spacecraft hold? The Apollo mission included the command module Columbia and the lunar module Eagle.

In total carrying three people. The lunar module Eagle carried two people.

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What are the three parts of the Apollo spacecraft? The spacecraft itself was made up of the Service Module containing the systems equipment used to power and maintain the craft, the Command Module containing the crew cabin, and for the missions involving a landing, the Lunar Module was the third part in which two of the crew descended and ascended to and from the lunar surface.

During the launch, the craft also had the Saturn V attached. This was composed of three stages. Two were used to power them into orbit before separating, and a third powered them from earth orbit towards the moon.

This stage then separated from the rest of the spacecraft. How fast did Apollo spacecraft travel when going to the moon? The Apollo spacecraft traveled at a maximum speed of 24, mph. What are the advantages of using unmanned spacecraft? Use of unmanned space craft eliminates the years of training neededfor astronauts.

It allows for missions of much longer durations, aswell as increased distances beyond where humans can safely travel.Today I want to review a cool post by freshome, in cool post..

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Disadvantages of apollo 11

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The splashdown method of landing was utilized for Mercury, Gemini and Apollo (including Skylab, which used Apollo capsules).On one occasion a Soviet spacecraft, Soyuz 23, unintentionally punched through the ice of a frozen lake (nearly killing the cosmonauts).

On early Mercury flights, a helicopter attached a cable to the capsule, lifted it from the water and delivered it to a nearby ship.

Dec 30,  · Best Answer: Crewed Missions: Advantages: Ability to perform very complex functions, able to respond to commands and directives.

A crew can re-purpose a mission mid-flight (a good example: Apollo 13), and can ad-lib methods of completing commands (a good example - Apollo 11 - Armstrong took over the landing when the computer was steering them into a boulder field.)Status: Resolved.

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What were the advantages and disadvantages of the Apollo spacecraft