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In England it became a transformation from hand tools and hand made items to machined and mass-produced goods. The growth of factories replaced the cottage industries and spawned the development of cities. Growing cities and factories led to changes in transportation, labor, and working conditions.

Industrial revolution working conditions essay writer

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Before the Industrial Revolution started the majority of the people lived and worked on farms. The Industrial Revolution and the inventions were a closely kept secret for Great Britain. Slater in order to bring the Industrial Revolution to the United States disguised himself as a farmer and left McCormick.

After the Industrial Revolution there was a great migration of workers towards the urban areas of New England. The textile industry was one of the first industry to be affected by the Industrial Revolution McCormick. There was an increase of inventions being made during this revolution.

One major inventure during this time was Eli Whitney.

AP EUROPEAN INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution is known as a period in which fundamental changes occurred in agriculture, textiles and metal manufacture. This period destroyed the old manner of doing things.
The Industrial Revolution Which statement is supported by the ideas of Karl Marx?
How to Write an Essay on Industrial Revolution: Tips and Example By some accounts it was a time of great suffering for those who toiled in the factories, and by other sources, it was just like any other occupation at the time.
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Eli Whitney was born in and attended Yale in Corrick. Whitney established a gun factory in and produces around ten thousand needed muskets Corrick.

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Whitney invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts. Interchangeable parts helped increase the amount of goods produced in a short amount of time and parts could easily be replaced if broken.

He invented the cotton gin in less than two weeks Corrick. Cotton gin is a machine that picks out seeds and other plant materials that are not needed or wanted in the product from the plantations.

The Cotton gin greatly affected the Southern areas where all the plantations and slaves were. The North changed from agricultural to industrial while the south stayed in the agricultural ways. The Cotton gin created a greater demand for slaves in order to pick and sell more cotton.

Slave demand increased by five times in about fifty years Miss. The Industrial Revolution caused a rift between the south and the north which eventually lead up to the Civil war.

Another inventor that had a great effect during the Industrial Revolution was Samuel F. Morse invented the telegraph People. Morse also went to Yale. The telegraph revolutionized communications.

Instead of waiting days upon days people could get messages within minutes. This would also affect how information was received during future wars like the Civil war. After Morse received his patent he was put into a law battle over who invented the telegraph first People. Market Revolution was to create a more efficient way to transport people, raw materials, and finished goods US History.

The Industrial Revolution

Market Revolution connected western farms to eastern markets Miss. Transportation before the Industrial Revolution took along time from weeks to months.

Roads and railroads and other sources of transportation were invented during the Industrial revolution. Before the Industrial Revolution the roads were in poor conditions.

The first national road was the Cumberland road that connected Maryland to Virginia weebly. A main railroad during the Industrial Revolution was the Baltimore and Ohio.

This was a great accomplishment compared to the smaller railroads that were used beforehand weebly. The railroads help distribution cost to decrease and industry to expand.

Canals were another type of transportation that was commonly used during the Industrial Revolution. A main canal that was used was the Erie canal.

The cost of inland goods went from one hundred dollars a ton to less than eight dollars a ton due to the cheap route of the canals. Steamboats were used for to carry passengers and goods. During the Industrial Revolution there was two social classes added.The Industrial Revolution was a time of great progress and change in England.

While for some it was a prosperous time, for most of the country, the working class in . In the Industrial Revolution (), the main innovative industries which saw increasing development were the textile industry, the steam industry, the coal mining industry, the sugar industry, the tobacco industry, and the iron founding industry.

The Revolution seemed to be advantageous in various aspects but was actually the complete opposite for the common workers’ working conditions, living conditions, and it exploited child labor. Although the Industrial Revolution resembled a new lease on life and led to a more advanced society, it had a negative impact on the common factory worker.

industrial revolution working conditions essay writer

The Industrial Revolution effected every aspect of human society including the nature of work, child labor, and health conditions of the workers.

Agriculture was a . Women and children were required to work and often in mines or factories where the working conditions were not good.

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The Industrial Revolution witnesses a huge growth in the size of British cities. In the population in Britain was estimated to be the year of the first census, it was million and by , million.

Essay: European Industrial Revolution The European Industrial Revolution was a time of drastic change. In England it became a transformation from hand tools .

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