Police use of force research paper

Introduction The fundamental mission of government is the protection of its citizens. As the most visible arm of government, law enforcement officers are on the front line in the fight to protect citizens from harm, and to preserve public order.

Police use of force research paper

Issues[ edit ] Although generally considered an attractive career, the NPF experienced endemic problems with recruiting, training, inefficiency, and indiscipline, and it lacked expertise in specialized fields.

Corruption and dishonesty were widespread, engendering a low level of public confidence, failure to report crimes, and tendencies to resort to self-help.

Police were more adept at paramilitary operations and the exercise of force than at community service functions or crime prevention, detection, and investigation.

An Empirical Analysis of Racial Differences in Police Use of Force

The use of excessive violence in quelling student disorders led the AFRC in June to direct the police to use only rubber bullets in containing student riots. Reports of police collusion with criminals were common, as were official appeals to police officers to change their attitude toward the public, to be fair and honest, and to avoid corrupt practices.

In an effort to reduce bribery and to make identification of offenders easier, police officers on beats and at checkpoints were not allowed to carry more than N5 on their person.

Police use of force research paper

In SeptemberNigeria withdrew police officers serving in the UN Congo mission because of accusations that they had engaged in sexual abuses. Decades of police and official corruption and continued failure to train police officers properly has led to a situation where extrajudicial killing is an accepted form of dealing with people the police believe to be criminals.

The most recent victim of which is Yusuf Mohamed, the leader of the Boko Haram sect in Nigeria, was alive when captured by the army. The government is currently attempting to reform the police. They have produced a White Paper with 79 recommendations for improving the police force, which is due to be considered by the National Assembly and turned into a Police Reform Bill.

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Key reforms such as: It also has a representative from the police force there to address these complaints and talk about new undertakings and normal operations of the police force. Although the number of corruption and human rights violation reports has decreased, it is a good sign because it shows that the programme is effective.

Police use of force research paper

Recruits were trained at Police colleges in Oji RiverMaiduguriKadunaand Ikejawhich also offered training to other security personnel, such as armed immigration officers. The Police College at Ikeja trained cadet assistant superintendents and cadet subinspectors.

The NPA was to be affiliated with Bayero University until adequate infrastructure was available for independent operation. Admission was to be regulated by merit, by the quota system, and by federal character. The commandant was to be at least an AIG and assisted by a provost who would oversee the academic program.

Modeled after the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna, the NPA would offer a five-year academic and professional degree program for new cadets and an eighteen-month intensive course for college graduates aspiring to a police career.

Babangida also disclosed plans to obtain technical assistance from Britain to establish a central planning and training program to modernize and upgrade police training.

Witnesses now claim over people are dead. The battles began on 26 July when Boko Harama militant Islamist organisation, attacked a police station in retaliation for the arrest of its leaders. Police responded with their own retaliation and a curfew fell on the area.

The attacks spread and by the next day corpses were located at police stations, people were fleeing their homes and some were being pulled from their cars to be shot dead as police stations burned to the ground. Nigerian troops then surrounded the home of Mohammed Yusuf in Maiduguri on 28 July after his followers barricaded themselves inside.

It is the worst sectarian violence the country has experienced since November Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News. Oct 02,  · Commissioner William J.

Bratton spoke on Thursday about crime in New York City and new guidelines for reporting use of force. Earlier in the day, the inspector general for the police issued a. In our society police are in a very precarious situation when it comes to the amount of force they can apply when dealing with a civilian suspect.

Whether it be physical force, persuasion, or coercion; they must use discretion when deciding what course of action best suits the situation. They must /5(10). he attack took place in Houston, Texas, and the police are still searching for the suspect. Become one of almost police officers dedicated to providing the highest standards of public safety to the travelling public by applying for our open police recruit or police officer jobs.

The use of force is inevitable in police work. In many situations the lives of officers or civilians can be taken by not using force when necessary or using it improperly.

Many factors come into play when an officer decides to .

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