Sodic analysis

Plants have separate male and female flowers on the same plant, though possible pollinators or means of pollination is unknown. The fruiting bracteoles split into two when ripe and dry, exposing a single seed Cal-IPC,

Sodic analysis

Tomato is cultivated in 0. However, in Uttarakhand it occupied an area of From the last one and half decades its area, production, productivity and availability have been increased significantly particularly in Himalayan States of India.

Farmers raised nursery of tomato in the month of January and February and their planting is done during March-April. The tomato is mainly grown between March to October and its production start from May onwards which is the off season because during Sodic analysis period it is hardly grown in plains due to high temperature.

Because of the off season, farmers get premium price of their Women empowerment is one of the main pillars for the development of the rural economy. A successful rural economy is impossible without the share of women empowerment as women seems to be the main driving force for the economy to develop and prosper.

In a recent event, the women groups of Murshidabad District of West Bengal have done a remarkable job by involving themselves in rearing of poultry and duck.

As it is known that the importance of backyard poultry production is deemed to have overcome the never-ending problems of poverty, hunger and malnutrition in the country!

In Murshidabad, the poultry production output corresponds to the backyard poultry production because Nutritional deficiency is a major cause for concern in Madhya Pradesh as well. According to the recent news, Hoshangabad district is one of the malnourished districts of M. In spite of these efforts, some children are in the stage of 3rd degree malnutrition.

Such children are provided Artificial insemination in Bengal goats to propagate and preserve the precious goat germplasm Artificial insemination AI is a simple technique which is well adapted in dairy cattle and buffalo breeding.

Its contribution in helping India achieve, the highest milk production of the world, cannot be ignored. The Bengal goat breed is known for its meat quality, adaptability and prolificacy. For the farmers in West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and adjoining states, it is the breed of choice.

Sodic analysis

There is a scarcity in the availability of quality breeding bucks due to early castration and slaughter of male goats for meat purpose. As goats are mostly reared by small, marginal and landless farmers, with flock size of 3- 5 goats, it is economically unviable to keep a breeding buck for a small flock.

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To prevent the dilution of valuable germplasm by indiscriminate mating and to preserve its purity and propagate this unique germplasm, Eastern Regional station of ICAR-National Entrepreneurship development through spawn and mushroom production in Nagaland Mushroom, a wonderful human diet for all age group people because of its nutritional and medicinal properties.

Nagaland has great scope of commercial mushroom cultivation by recycling paddy waste for higher income generation. Shri Rajib Mondal of Dimapur started mushroom cultivation by understanding the scope and opportunities.

He also established a low cost mushroom cultivation unit and started producing mushroom spawn to mitigate the problem of spawn availability in Nagaland. He used bajra and wheat as a substrate instead of paddy straw to reduce time period for spawn preparation as well as mushroom production for higher profit.MANAGEMENT OF SALINE / SODIC SOILS prepared by I USDASoil Conservotion Service and US Salinity Laboratory.

Traininc~ Note- 1 DETERMINING SOIL SALINITY IN THE RELD FROM laboratory analysis, or numerous expensive in situ devices. These measurement techniques are rapid.

D5. Sodic soil management D Vegetable SOILpak soil pores. For this reason water and air movement through sodic soils is severely restricted. In vegetable crops, sodic .

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Profitable fertilizer recommendations require accurate soil testing. At Servi-Tech Laboratories, our goal is to help producers raise crops as efficiently and profitably as possible. Unfavourable soil conditions (high pH and high levels of exchangeable sodium) in subsoil layers in sodic or partially reclaimed sodic soils restrict root penetration of crops to lower soil layers.

The roots remain generally confined to the upper few centimetres depending upon the degree of soil improvement. Managing Saline, Sodic or Saline-Sodic Soils for Turfgrasses’ Sodic (alkali) soils potential solutions are possible only after chemical analysis of representative soil samples.

The extent of salt uptake and its consequent effects on turf growth. D5. Sodic soil management D Vegetable SOILpak As Figure D5–1 indicates, a sodic soil can be well structured if the soil is saline enough to prevent dispersion.

Sodic analysis

This is why saline water or gypsum (a calcium salt) improves soil structure on sodic soils. However, avoid using saline water for irrigation, since: • soil sodicity is likely to increase.

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