The amazing career of emmitt smith an nfl running back and a record setter

For now, they can be proud of Pro Bowl spots. Manning missed all of the season with neck and back problems that required several operations.

The amazing career of emmitt smith an nfl running back and a record setter

Steve Sabol would also be a good choice inwhen there will be two Hall of Fame finalists from the separate contributors category. Kurt Warner is, after Seau, the player with the best chance of being enshrined in his first year of eligibility next year.

Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce were the top two receivers on the Greatest Show on Turf, and they both retired after the season, making them eligible in It would really be something if they were both inducted along with Warner and Pace. That, however, is awfully unlikely.

Jerry Kramer, the great Packers offensive lineman, would be a strong choice as a senior candidate. Next year will be a harder year for seniors to get in, as only one senior finalist will be nominated. But Kramer may be the most deserving senior candidate eligible.

The question is whether Hall of Fame voters will reward DeBartolo for his role in building the great 49ers teams of the s and s, and overlook the circumstances that led DeBartolo to be forced out of the NFL.

Jerome Bettis may finally get his bust in Canton inas a relatively weak crop of first-year eligible players will make room for those who have previously been passed over. Marvin Harrison was voted down this year, but he had so many great seasons as a receiver for the Colts that it seems like just a matter of time before he gets in, and may be the year.

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Randy Gradishar and Ken Stabler are a couple of good senior candidates who may be enshrined inwhen two seniors will be eligible. Only one senior is eligible inand Kevin Greene was voted down as a Hall of Fame finalist last year, but with sacks in his career, he seems sure to get in eventually: The class may be the one that finally makes room for Greene.

Charles Haley also might finally get his Hall call in Brian Dawkins was a nine-time Pro Bowl safety who also becomes eligible inbut he seems unlikely to be selected in his first year of eligibility. Don Coryell would appear to be a likely choice as a senior candidate some day, and may be when that day comes.

Randy Moss may leave some room for debate, as his numbers are comparable to those of Terrell Owens, who looks like a long shot.

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But Moss at his best was such a game-changer that he just feels like exactly the kind of player who belongs in Canton. Brian Urlacher, who like Lewis and Moss becomes eligible inhas a very good case for enshrinement as well. Hutchinson may be a finalist many times, but getting the necessary 80 percent of the vote will be tough.

The class may be the year. Art Modell has been voted down several times, and the opposition to his candidacy is strong from some who say that taking the Browns out of Cleveland was an unforgivable sin. But the new contributors category gives Modell a much better chance, and could be his year.

Ed Reed also becomes eligible for the first time inand he also looks like a sure thing as one of the greatest safeties ever to play the game.

Morten Andersen was also voted down this year in his first year as a Hall of Fame finalist, but he also has a good case to make it eventually.The Seahawks defense has become a tone-setter for the modern NFL in the same way that the Bears (yes, they are coming) set the tone for the late s.

In a late-season cameo as the featured running back for the Browns, Harrison carried 34 times for yards and three touchdowns, plus two catches for 12 yards, against the helpless Chiefs. Robert Mathis finishes season with most sacks in the NFL at submitted 4 years ago by Colts TheYetiCaptain Mathis had sacks today, and Robert Quinn had 1, bringing the final tally to and respectively.

UT: Who knew that running back was the least of your issues and you go nowhere with Herschel. He's also gone in three years. He's also gone in three years.

The amazing career of emmitt smith an nfl running back and a record setter

Good job, Vikings, you just had the area sell out of . The seven members of the class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame have received their busts in Canton, Ohio, and now that enshrinement weekend is behind us, let's look ahead at the players.

13 days ago · The running back took a handoff at Cleveland's 8, cut right and avoided a few tacklers before streaking to the end zone to give Cleveland a lead midway through the third quarter.

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