Using notecards for research paper powerpoint

Note cards for research paper powerpoint presentation Writing a historiographical essay argumentative essay powerpoint college.

Using notecards for research paper powerpoint

General Lesson Plan Learning Objectives: What should students know and be able to do as a result of this lesson? Students will apply the steps to writing a research paper including finding proper research material and determining what is credible. They will determine what primary and secondary sources are and how to use them.

They will learn how to document their sources on notecards and apply those skills to notecards they will create as they gather their research for their broad topic on the history of Miami. Students will read an informational text and answer questions that require supporting evidence from the text as practice for the skills needed to write a research paper.

Then, they will read informational texts and pull evidence from articles, books, and other material for their research paper. Students will be able to peer edit effectively to learn methods from other students to incorporate into their own papers, as well as acquire feedback they can use to strengthen their own writing.

Students will conduct research in order to learn about the history of Miami; they will synthesize multiple sources and demonstrate their understanding of the research process through the research they compile and the paper they write. What prior knowledge should students have for this lesson?

Make sure that the students are well-versed in the workings of MLA format in order to cite their sources in the text of their paper and in a Works Cited page. Teachers might want to include a brief discussion asking students to report about where they previously learned research paper best practices.

If students share resources, tips, or strategies that have been helpful to them in writing prior research papers, the teacher can take these ideas down on chart paper or on a whiteboard and students can take notes on these references and ideas to help them with this paper on the history of Miami.

What are the guiding questions for this lesson? What is the overall value of researching the history of Miami?

What is the purpose of an informational research paper? How can you determine if the sources you want to use for writing a research paper are reliable and credible?

Why it is important to add citations when citing certain paraphrased evidence or direct quotes from a text? Based on the sources you have researched in this lesson, what are some interesting facts you have learned about Miami?

How will the teacher present the concept or skill to students? The "Hook" and Activation of Prior Knowledge: Teachers can show the following 2 clips to give a face to some of the archaeologists, as well as the historical aspects, in the featured articles and books students may use in the research process, as well as to develop student interest in the history of Miami before they begin researching on their own.

Students might also use these clips to narrow the broad topic of "history of Miami" to a targeted, more manageable focus for their individual research paper. Teachers and students should complete the "K" and "W" parts of the KWL please use the questions and steps for this provided in the formative assessment section.

For the "W" part teachers might want to ask what students would like to know about the history of Miami. Students can use the 2 introductory videos to help them answer this question, along with any other questions they might have.

Students will provide feedback to help their partner know if they have included enough text based evidence in their answers and if that text based evidence is appropriate. They will provide suggestions for alternate evidence that could be used if their evidence was not enough or did not logically support the answer.

Peer reviewers should make sure to comment on what their partner did well, as well specific ways they can strengthen their responses to the questions. After peer review is completed, the teacher will use the text students used in the practice activity to model paraphrasing information from the text, using and citing direct quotes, and summarizing the overall text on a white board, chalkboard, or Smartboard in order to show students the proper process of selecting evidence from the text and setting up their note cards.

What activities or exercises will the students complete with teacher guidance? The teacher will go over with students what primary and secondary sources are. Teachers might find this link useful when going over these definitions for students.

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Note cards for research paper powerpoint presentation

Using Notecards in Research 1. RESEARCH NOTECARDSTip for taking notes 2. Start with a fresh pack of research note cardsLarge, lined cards are probably best, especially if you want to make your own detailed personal notes.

Consider color coding your cards by topic to keep your paper organized from the start.

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For this unit you will submit the note card pages in the. Research Paper Unit Page history last edited by Mrs. McGinnis 3 years, 4 months ago.

Research papers can be engaging if you get to choose what to write about. How to Use Note Cards Powerpoint. Research Paper Source Thesis Statement Research Paper Topic Sentences.

How to Write an Attention The Notecard System The Key For Remembering, Organizing And Using Everything You Read, an article by Ryan Holiday.

On how to take notes while reading or doing research – by using index cards.

Using notecards for research paper powerpoint

Love the idea, even though I prefer Evernote/digital record keeping system. Creating Notecards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation. The presentation will start after a short How to Organize a Research Paper using Notecards - How to Organize a Research Paper using Notecards MLA Research Outline First, "Creating Notecards" is the property of its rightful owner.

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