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Page 11 Fun Chaser How many letters and numbers can you write correctly in 1 minute?

Vtech write and learn

Print In my house we love educational toys. They make learning fun! This interactive story book has 20 pages that teach letters, numbers, vocabulary and writing skills; you change the setting with the colorful sliding knob on the right.

There are 17 activities to teach over 60 words, numbersphonics skills, colors and all the letters of the alphabet. Each page features two letters and teaches handwriting with finger touch so there are no pointed objects.

The letter buttons light up to help the learning process. There is also an animals page.

Write and Learn Creative Center Toy Kid Magnetic Drawing Board Fun Child VTech

This toy turns on automatically when it is opened or a page is turned and turns off when shut or after a period of time. The age recommendation is 3 and up, but Caelan just turned 2 and she loves it: It has a handle for easy transport and is great for car trips. There is a volume button on it, but low is still pretty loud so if you take this on a flight I would cover the speaker with a bit of masking tape to muffle the sound.

Brenna, who is 4, also enjoys this as she is learning letter sounds and is spelling short words. This is definitely a toy that can help your child learn through pre-school and into kindergarten. If you have a budding photographer in the house be sure to check out their Kidizoom Camera.

Vtech write and learn

We own one and love it.At Write & Learn Desk, children discover the fun of writing letters and numbers - and the joy of knowing that they can do it! This magic desk teaches children to write numbers In Free Draw mode, the desk surface senses the child's movements and responds with encouraging phrases, sounds and music.

The Learning Difference Scribble & Write offers multiple levels of learning fun, from early exploration of letter shapes to stroke-by-stroke instant accuracy feedback. Kids are guided to write letters in an engaging and interactive experience at their own pace.

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With the touch of a button, you can tap into your mobile phone’s Siri®, Google Now™ or S Voice® service via your home phone.

Even if your smartphone is in another room, you can dial a call, write or read a text, and get answers to questions like, “What is the weather today?” using voice commands.

Other Baby & Children Items in Choa Chu Kang / Tengah ad Thank you for purchasing the VTech ® Write & Learn Letter Book ™ learning toy.

Learn letters the magical way with this fun-filled book. Touch-sensitive pages allow kids to explore writing, letters, words, numbers, music and animals at their own pace for the most fun and effective learning.

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