Welcome to the mens club homosociality and the maintenance of hegemonic masculinity essay

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This is an indepth analysis and of Gender and Work, Masculinity and Homosociability The social organization of masculinity, as described by Connell is the framework in which all male homosocial relationships take place. The social framework of masculinity is inherently hierarchal through its stratification of different masculinities and is perpetuated through aspects of homosociality.

There are many ways in which homosociality promotes the hierarchal framework of masculinity, the most prominent is competition between males. Competition in homosociality is preformed within a wide variety social institutions, such as sports or the advertising industry Gregory, Connell describes the social organization of masculinity as having four distinct forms of masculinity, which are arranged in a hierarchal structure The first is Hegemonic masculinity, which is the culturally ideal male, aggressive, stoic, competitive and sexually capable; the hegemonic male is considered normative.

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However not all men or even most men that can live up to the standards associated with hegemonic masculinity and so there are different forms of masculinity.

Complicit masculinity is consisted of most other men who may not meet the standards of hegemonic masculinity but they still retain most of the benefits associated with hegemony by the simple fact of being male.

The next two masculinities are the bottom of the pyramid and consist of men largely ostracized by hegemony. Marginalized masculinities are men who are part of a usually ethnic minority groups and subordinate masculinities are usually gay men or any man deemed effeminate.

These different masculinities create a hierarchal framework of masculinities and gender relations in which homosocial relationships are formed.

Those relationships between masculinities and other gender relations are ones of dominance and subordination, thus hegemonic masculinity is established through its relationship with subordinate masculinities and femininity. Therefore some aspects of homosocial relationships between individuals as well as between social groups are formed to perpetuate hegemonic masculinity.

Particular interactions in homosociality exist merely to perpetuate the hierarchal framework of masculinities, particularly hegemonic masculinity. That is not to say that all forms of male relationships are formed with the sole purpose of perpetuating hegemonic masculinity.

Not all men who are considered normative perform all aspects of hegemonic masculinity.

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More often they take the parts that they feel suits their gender identity Connell There are very few men who would be considered in reality, an actual representation of hegemonic masculinity.

However it is not the incorporation of hegemonic masculinity into gender identities that perpetuates the hierarchal framework of masculinities, rather it is aspects of homosocial relationships of men, which perpetuate the framework.

Therefore most homosocial relationships aggravate the stratification of different masculinities.

Welcome to the mens club homosociality and the maintenance of hegemonic masculinity essay

In addition segregation between different social groups often spurs competition because men will try and climb their way to the top social group to achieve hegemonic masculinity. Competition is a large component of homosocial relationships that is constructed to perpetuate the hierarchal framework of masculinity, specifically hegemonic masculinity.Sharon R.

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Those perpetrators were punished in the interests of maintaining hegemonic masculinity, a move that rendered so much other sexual violence invisible, scaffolded the inequalities of the gender order, and thus underwrote dominant (hetero)sexual cultures and the potential for violence within them.

In Sharon Bird’s work, “Welcome to the Men’s Club: Homosociality and the Maintenance of Hegemonic Masculinity,” she explains what is homosociality and masculinity. Homosociality is when there are no sexual attractions held by men for members of their own sex. Welcome to the Men’s Club: Homosociality and the Maintenance of Hegemonic Masculinity Masculinity portrayed in “The Great Gatsby” Advertising and the construction of Violent White Masculinity.

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Welcome to the mens club homosociality and the maintenance of hegemonic masculinity essay

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